Pet Psychic For Deceased Pets – Get All The Answers Today

Pet Psychic For Deceased Pets - Get All The Answers Today

As your pet transcends this life and moves on to the afterlife, you’ll need a medium to maintain communication with them. A pet psychic can help you contact your deceased pet’s spirit.

Pet psychics communicate with deceased pets by calming their minds, visualizing their questions, and then relaying the pet’s response that usually comes in the form of photos.

Communicating with your deceased pet is helpful for closure and for making sure that they’re doing well in the afterlife.

What Are Pet Psychics?

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Pet psychics are also known as animal communicators or animal intuitives. They believe that humans are already capable of telepathic communication with their pets. That explains why your dog may be preparing itself for a run, or why your cat is hiding from you even before you express your desire to interact with them.

This interaction is limited because normal humans aren’t trained for complicated and deliberate communication with pets. That’s where pet psychics come in handy because they are skilled enough to have two-way communication with animals, particularly pets. Some pet psychics claim that they can also talk to wild animals but choose to focus on pets.

How Do Pet Psychics Communicate With Pets?

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Pet psychics can relay their findings in person, through a video call, or through the phone. It’s not necessary to have the pet present. They often induce the pet’s thoughts through photographs or specific descriptions. They can do this both for alive and dead pets. If they choose to communicate with deceased animals, they are deemed as mediums and they can do so through telepathy and clairvoyance. Both are forms of extrasensory perception (ESP) but pet psychics simplify them as “energies.”

Pet psychics say that every living thing on earth is shrouded by electromagnetic energy that is part of the radio spectrum. They then utilize this energy to communicate with animals, and that communication transcends the current sphere and reaches the dimension of afterlife.

Here’s a step-by-step procedure on how the pet psychic medium might communicate with your deceased pet:

  • The psychic relaxes his mind through breathing exercises.
  • Once calm, he’ll use his mind to reach out and make contact with your pet’s energy. He can do so by vividly visualizing the pet which is made possible by looking at a photo or hearing descriptions.
  • He’ll begin asking questions to the pet. He often does this by using photos in his head. He may use photos and words to make the questions clearer.
  • The response from the animal usually comes in pictures. Other psychics say that they can also talk through child-like voices. The responses will be narrated to the owner.

Questions To Ask Your Deceased Pet

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  • Are you okay, wherever you are?

This will help bring you some reassurance. Knowing that your pet is doing well in the afterlife can bring you great comfort. This also lets you know if there’s any unfinished business that your pet might feel terribly about. Remember that in their passing, it’s not just you who is affected. They’ll also experience the feeling of loss and loneliness. This manner of communication can make them feel better.

  • Do you feel happy?

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It’s in any pet owner’s interest to ensure that their pets are living a comfortable and happy life, and even up to the afterlife. Knowing that our pets are happy in the afterlife can bring comfort and reassurance.

  • Where are you?

There’s no clear understanding of what the afterlife looks like for pets and how they may vary from humans. It’s still comforting to know if your pet is somewhere warm, safe, and dry. Any pet owner will feel better if their pet is in a nice environment where they can rest for all eternity.

  • Do you remember me? Do you miss me?

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Every pet owner fears the day when their pets will forget them. This question lets them probe their pet’s memories and reinstate their presence. It’s comforting to know that your pet remembers you and appreciates your time together on earth.

  • Do you forgive me?

Many pet owners feel a lot of guilt when their pets pass away. They often blame themselves for being negligent which led to the death of their pets. This is a heavy emotional baggage that can be relieved through a psychic medium. You can sincerely apologize for any lapse you may have had as a pet owner, and seek for forgiveness from your deceased companion.

  • Did you have a good life here on Earth?

A huge chunk of moving on from a deceased pet is knowing that you were a competent pet owner. If you don’t get answers to how good you were as a parent, then that may mean feeling hesitant to get another pet. Hearing that your deceased pet was happy under your care will boost your confidence as a pet owner. It will also provide some closure. It’s very comforting to know that you did a good job and that you made an animal so happy during his entire life.

Do Animals Really Feel Things?

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Yes, animals have feelings. They have a certain degree of emotional intelligence which allows them to be close to humans and to form bonds with them. They’re surprisingly emotionally complex and can express a wide range of emotions. You can see it in the way your dog whimpers every morning when you leave for work or how cats are extremely territorial of you and are often jealous of other pets.

Psychics even say that pets have excellent memories, too. They can relay information from their past which can help current owners gain an understanding of why they are the way they are today as well as the proper way to love them.

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